Bluesoft | Digital reputation in the cradle of a garage - Tomás VP Storyteller
Bluesoft is a marketing agency specialized in digital reputation. An innovative business proposition that demanded a storytelling twist into their blog.
bluesoft, digital reputation, digital marketing, storytelling, seo optimization, branded content, digital strategy
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branded content, digital marketing, digital reputation, seo optimization, storytelling
About This Project

Bluesoft is an agency specialized in digital reputation by developing tech-based solutions to meet their clients’ online needs. From digital marketing; creativity/web development to social media, they implement digital strategies based on SEO optimization. Their process involves an in-depth analysis of a brand’s target audience as well as the relevant keywords so that its services can be ranked in the first pages of a search engine like Google. In this scenario, the challenge was: “Tomás! Come up with an article to post on our blog blending your storytelling expertise with what we do.” Following a meeting with Bluesoft’s CEO and some online search about the company, the storyline was ready to be put in place. The fact that they started out in a garage as pure programmers and, over the years, reshaped their business model towards digital marketing turned out to be a major differentiation factor.


Clients’ testimonials on their Facebook page were the best indicator of why no one in the team undertakes sales’ responsibilities.

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