Business Culture in Portugal - The Story of a man called Manel
Do you need a simple, straightforward description of the business culture in Portugal? My viral Facebook post can help you better understand Portuguese cultural traits and how we behave in a working environment. That’s due to the power of storytelling. Learn more!
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business, career, culture, portugal, social media
About This Project

A friend of mine shared a Forbes’ magazine news which leaned over the business culture in Portugal. Nadim Habib, professor of Nova SBE, stressed that Portuguese employees worked too many hours in an inefficient way. As a storyteller, I came up with a narrative of a regular day in an office by telling the story of Manel (a typical Portuguese male name). He makes an effort to be more productive albeit his wishful thinking doesn’t go too far. In fact, Manel’s boss and co-workers end up censuring him. The satire finishes with a key message.

Moral of the story

“Value creation doesn’t depend on the number of working hours but on the productivity and happiness of employees.”

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