Marketeer Magazine | A Love Triangle with a Happy Ending
My first article to Marketeer magazine: storytelling's decisive role in brands' communication, leveraged by the stories of their employees. Check it out!
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brand communication, employees, marketeer, marketing, storytelling
About This Project

Marketeer is a Portuguese magazine specialized in the Marketing field, being the number one editorial reference for every professional around Business, Strategy, and Communication. Given my Marketing background along with this storyteller’s vein, why not write an article and send it to Marketeer’s director? “Dream big and make it happen.” Et voilà!

The article covers a challenge constantly faced by marketing directors of all brands today: “How to attract, retain and engage our audiences?” My answer is the following: brands need to potentiate storytelling through their most important asset: employees. In which way? Integrating their stories as a differentiating factor as far as their communication strategy is concerned.

Consumers seek transparency, emotional involvement, and authentic, relevant content. By turning employees’ stories into a cost-effective content with powerful messages, brands will be able to establish a meaningful, sustainable relationship with their stakeholders, in particular consumers. Read the article in the link below!

Brands – Employees – Consumers

A Triangle Love blessed by storytelling’s magic.

Marketeer’s article link