NOVA FCSH | Career Management - Summer School
This personal branding workshop aimed at providing NOVA's Faculty students with storytelling tools for effective communication in their career management.
workshop, personal branding, storytelling, career management, NOVA, summer school
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career, NOVA, personal branding, storytelling, workshop
About This Project
“Are you looking for your dream job?” This was how NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities set the tone for the Faculty’s Career Management free course, integrated into its summer school’s activities. The purpose was to prepare students to get their first job experience, by empowering them with relevant skills to differentiate themselves in the job market.

From core competency self-assessment to emotional intelligence, the program covered a wide range of areas of utmost importance to one’s successful career management process. Having said that, NOVA invited me to shed light on the power of stories to leverage their students’ personal brand. The workshop was based on the following agenda:

1) sharing my personal story as an introductory case-study;

2) defining what storytelling is; its importance and real-life applications;

3) discussing the 4 main principles of telling a good story;

4) carrying individual and group exercises to apply the acquired knowledge.

In this scenario, participants were given an overview of storytelling’s powerful benefits to leverage their personal brand. Moreover, they were encouraged to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, shaped by their life events and in line with recruiters’ most valued skills.

Speechless Experience

When you see everyone sharing their stories and learning from them, it feels like paradise running through your bloody veins.