VOYCE | Volunteering Youth: Routes and Tools for Competence's Emersion
This personal branding workshop aimed at providing storytelling tools to promote learning outcomes and employability of European young volunteers - by VOYCE
voyce, personal branding, storytelling, workshop, volunteering, youth, competences, erasmus
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personal branding, storytelling, volunteering, voyce, workshop
About This Project
VOYCE – Volunteering Youth: routes and tools for Competence’s Emersion –  is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership for Innovation project, funded by the European Union. The goal of VOYCE is to enhance the learning outcomes of young volunteers by fostering their employability. In the organization’s words, volunteering experiences constitute a meaningful boost to one’s personal development. 

In partnership with Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and IPDJ, the Intercultural European Club invited me to give a personal branding workshop. The purpose was to convey storytelling tools for enhancing the skills acquired in the context of volunteering. In this context, VOYCE’s 1-hour workshop leaned over “how to sell a volunteering experience in the job market?”, in which I shared the importance of telling a compelling, memorable story as well as 4 main principles to follow.

The session included a few practical exercises where participants were encouraged to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, shaped by their volunteering experiences and in line the skills valued by potential recruiters. Ultimately, everyone had a great time together as much as absorbing new knowledge to apply in CVs, cover letters and job interviews! 

The Best of Both Worlds

Volunteering and storytelling:  what a powerful combination for a better world!